“ No Beginner Starts off Being Excellent “

Mount Nkwala – Penticton BC

A little while ago I caught up with a friend and had this little chat about the fact that everyone in this world has to start somewhere, a beginner and very far from perfect! It was so fitting because I had just started to write about that very subject for my next post.

We don’t see each other often due to this crazy thing call life but we always seem to sit, catch up and have these deep, raw and real conversations. Throughout life we are constantly learning, growing and progressing and to me it’s the most amazing process in life. But as we discussed more often than none, people rarely show or simply avoid sharing the mistakes or fails they made to get where they are today. But Kyla and I can sit there admit the hard times, share our fails and laugh about the most embarrassing moments going through it all. Telling me how proud she was to watch me grow inside and out this past year and how she loved following the journey I choose to share with everyone, I was trying so hard to not tear up as it was exactly the support I needed that very day. During my worst moments she spoke the truth, filled my heart with hope and has been a friend I honestly admire so much ever since. She has built this amazing photography business from the ground up, works her ass off to fulfill her dreams in the barrel racing world and has raised the coolest kid on the block. It takes time, patience and courage to get to the top and maybe we won’t all make it there but sharing the hard times proves and encourages others out there that anything is possible !!! Kyla is first to say I’ve been there done that and it sure as hell wasn’t easy. She’s a huge inspiration in all aspects of my life and I’m so excited to see her kick ass all over the country!!

@kayphotosbykyla – Instagram

Now that I have decided to take a step back from the barrel world I see that it’s just not for me anymore. But I will always be so proud to watch all my friends as they compete and crush all their goals and dreams in that crazy addicting horse world. I now enjoy the quiet trail rides on my mare, hike at my own pace and learn to climb with zero competition or expectation. It has helped me chill out more than ever in my life and I finally feel this is where I belong.

I grew up in a small town on a five acre farm, four of us crammed into the littlest house that most people would have torn down. But my parents saw potential in that little gem and all they wanted was a beautiful, safe place for my sister and I to grow up. The house was freakishly small so good thing we all got along, well most the time. My mom and dad poured their heart and souls into making that place a little piece of heaven for our family. I miss it every single day and I will keep so many amazing memories of growing up there so very close to my heart!

Giants Head – Summerland BC

My sister and I definitely had amazing support and help from our parents but we were never just handed things on a silver platter. Ever since we were young they have always taught us to work hard for the things we want and be willing to sacrifice several wants for that one and only need. My parents are seriously the most loving, hard working people I know and they are truly my number one inspiration. They worked their asses off for that place and that was their sacrifice. We had the most amazing up bringing and to be able to grow up living where we did taught us so much appreciation and kept our souls sincerely humble.

So over the years I worked really hard, put myself through school, got an amazing job and bought myself my very own home. At 27 I felt super proud of how far I had come and I seriously owe it all to my parents for reminding me to look into my future and create a secure life for myself yet live the hell out of it at the same time. Now I’m not going to sit here and go on about women power blah blah blah…. but I will say I feel damn proud to be independent and be able to support myself. That was by far the one thing I always made sure of over the years. Because truly you never know what can happen and I am proof of that going through something similar twice in my life. So now 10 years later and a few years older I’m finally feeling all the hard work paying off. Its time to get back to living, loving life, sit just back and enjoy this amazing world around me.

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

This is where that statement “ A Beginner Never Starts Off Being Excellent “ can come up in any situation of your life. It’s about not being afraid to say I came from so little and look where I am today. Whether it’s a job, a home or goals and dreams, I think it’s so important to remember where we all started. Be proud to tell people about the mistakes you made and the challenges you faced along the way, good or bad. It makes us who we are and keeps us humble and kind. We are all constantly learning and growing throughout our lifetime. So when I meet someone that says they never made a mistake or have never failed .. I simply chuckle to myself, grin, nod and quietly move on. Be honest and work hard to reach the top and be very proud to share your story along the way.

Yak Peak- Coquihalla Summit BC

Ive always been very independent but this year I had to learn to push myself past a few fears and definitely grow a bigger backbone. If I wanted to do something I just had to do it.. solo or not! Hiking became my outlet, my escape and it has seriously changed my life. Just myself on the trail with my own thoughts and the beauty around me I find myself escaping to a comfort zone I feel will always be my home, my safe place. I’ve always enjoyed hiking but as you all know it was my savour last year and I worked my ass off daily to get in shape to complete a few incredible summits. I was overwhelmed and so proud of how far I had come in such a short amount of time. My mindset changed and I grew so much as a person inside and out that I was even fascinated with learning who I was becoming. Finding something that was all mine, working hard, seeing the progress and crushing so many dreams … really makes a girl feel on top of the world. So since then I decided to keep it going but also listen when my body and mind is telling me it’s time to go hard or take some days off and slow it down. I want to continue to push myself, build up my never ending gear list and one day complete an insane mountaineering trip. Start small and then progress to bigger, steeper more challenging amazing things !!!

Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park

So when I decided to start climbing it was no different than hiking .. get my butt in shape and learn as much as I can. I love seeing my progress over the past few months and the day I got out to the bluffs to climb was a day I will never forget! This confidence and drive within myself blossomed and I realized how incredibly unstoppable I actually was when I put my mind and heart into something. In my past few relationships I grew to rush things, had to be perfect and developed this be on the top instantly attitude that they had. But that wasn’t me. I was so tired of failure because I wasn’t giving myself enough of a chance to take my time at my own pace and just try. My mind and body couldn’t keep up with each other so I always fell short of completing everything I set out to do because I wasn’t ready or was forced to do it their way at their pace. I wanted to be my old self again.. the one that definitely pushed herself but had patience to see the final outcome, do it at my way and completed it when I knew the time was right. And with climbing I want soak up absolutely everything I can, just have fun and continue loving every minute of it. I want more than anything to eventually complete some goals I thought were totally out of my reach but I realized now they will be there waiting for me when I’m ready.

I have a never ending list of multi day hiking trips planned and hope to kill some sweet routes at the bluffs this summer. I can’t wait to get out and make a ton more memories with all the amazing friends I’ve made over the past year. It’s going to be somewhat new to me and some of them as well so we are extremely excited for the adventures to start. I will be sharing more stories and experiences about the gear I choose to pack in with me and more video purely for your entertainment of course on watching me try to set it all up! I look forward to the challenges and all crazy experiences to come my way! Whether it’s on the highest peak or pushing towards that new climbing goal .. I’m so ready for another year of setting my soul on fire and crushing everything that’s put in front of me.

Challenge Accepted!!!



Send it?

Last summer was full of so many firsts for me. After a little soul searching, scrambling up to a glacier and jumping off a bridge it was time to finish that list and get my ass in gear to complete my final goal. I had accomplished and defeated so many fears I needed something more, I wanted it and I craved it. At this point I could finally feel the strength to push past that fear, soak up the rush and find the power within myself to try anything that came my way. Since hiking was slowing down for me I started to really get the urge to finally try climbing.

Everything I read about or anyone I knew that climbed had nothing but amazing things to say about it and the community it comes along with. People say that the mind, body and soul connection that you experience climbing is extremely addictive and I just knew I had to finally get myself out there. When someone speaks so passionately about something I’m the kind of person that absolutely thrives on that! I literally melt into their brain and like a good book I become part of them soaking up all the knowledge and drive they have to offer. I just love the feeling of trying something new .. the excitement of it, the unknown and all the challenges that come along with it! I’ve worked really really hard to make a huge life change and like my hiking, I don’t know how far I will go with it or whether it’s exactly for me but I just knew it was time to try. Like always give it my best and give it my all.

So for all of you that know me by now, you know I always prepare myself for what I’m going in for. I like to study, train and feel strong enough physically and mentally before I start anything new. I felt from all my hiking training that summer that my legs would be strong enough, but my arms .. now that’s another story. Understanding arm strength and core is key to climbing, the perfectionist in me had to get in shape and had to get strong. So I went out and bought a workout bar and knew I had to get working on my upper body. I got the bar home .. put it together and attempted some pull-ups.. yes attempted. Well holy shit I even embarrassed myself!! I was laughing so hard at as I tried to pull myself up, I was completely pathetic. Since that moment, every morning and night I would do a few sets of pull-ups, chin-ups and timed dead hangs. Over the next month I was stoked to see the progress I was making. I was able to lift my sorry ass up and finally found the courage to go to the gym.

So what better way to ease into it than boulder and a beer .. um yes please! My friend Paige and I headed to Hoodoo Adventures a local gym in town. I walked in paid and immediately said to the girl ok show me everything. I am always the first person to admit I know absolutely nothing and never afraid to ask for help!

But first things first, trying on my first climbing shoe…

I think my toes were in absolute shock after not cramming into a something like that since my old ballet days as a kid. But ok let’s do this !! So here we are the whole gym to ourselves, laughing our asses off as we helped each other figure out some routes. After the first couple minutes all I could think of was how freakin amazing it was. At that very moment I could care less on what I looked like or how horribly wrong I was doing it, I was there and that’s all that mattered. It was just the start of something new and right then and there I knew it was for me and I already couldn’t wait to come back.

We climbed for a couple hours just feeling out different holds and picking routes to put on a goal list for that months set. But most of all we were having a blast. I was stoked that I had a little strength to send a few routes after all the work I put in at home. But I knew damn well I had a whole hell of a lot more to work on. I was so ready for it!!! Leading up to this day I watched YouTube clips over and over and checked out some killer videos of a friend climbing. We have some pretty talented climbers in the Okanagan that are truly so inspiring.

Earlier that summer James was telling me all about his climbing experiences, I was totally fascinated but thought it was way out of my league at that point. As we sat overlooking Skaha Bluffs on one of our hikes, I laughed when he suggested I try it. But I went home that day and added it to my summer goal list anyway and I’m so glad I did. I will definitely continue to pick their brains and learn as much as I can. I’ll bother the heck out of anyone I run into for all the advice I can get. Finally being there taking my first try on a route I realized how strong climbers are and how much work they put into it. The strength and mindset is so inspiring and I sat there only wishing I had the chance to try this years ago. But it’s never too late and my time was just getting started.

The realization of my my poor arm strength set in when Paige and I went for our beer after. We couldn’t stop giggling when we could hardly pick up our glasses to take a sip, so worth it! That night I went home knowing I just had to keep climbing .. I already craved more !! I bought a pass and committed myself to going 2 to 3 times a week. After my first month I couldn’t believe the changes in my arm strength and my core. I have never felt this strong and the progress in my body and mind from hiking combined with climbing had me overwhelmed and honestly so proud of myself. Im continuing my exercises at home in between sessions and constantly watch videos on repeat to critique myself. I study them over and over so I can see what to work on for the next time. Continuing to meet new people and just siting back watching how other climbers make their way through different routes, I am trying to soak up as much as I can. I am so far from being a climber and when approached about one of my posts I very quickly corrected them and defined “no I’m just learning.” But do I hope to be.. damn rights I do!!! It’s extremely addictive and a community I hope to become a part of.

I have only tried bouldering up till this point but hope to try sport climbing soon and see how I like the experience. Knowing I’ll probably fall in love with it as well it keeps me so pumped and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on some real rock this coming season. I don’t know what to expect at all and know I’ll totally suck and completely fail. But that is what excites me and makes me push myself even harder. I have tons of goals for this year and this is just the start of it !!!



It’s been a while ….

I see a few people visiting my page here and there since the new year and I thank you all for being patient and kind to let me take some time to gather myself and my thoughts.

I took some time off from writing over the Christmas holidays to enjoy my days with family and friends. I was on such a high and thought I really had my shit together but then that high came to halt. I sank into a space I hadn’t been for quite some time and realized I needed to take time to regroup and recharge. It’s important to talk to others but this time I needed to have a talk with myself. And for me a low is just having a few bad ass days where I’m just feeling a bit sorry for myself!! I have worked really hard to shorten the amount of time I give myself to have bad days. Life is too short , I refuse to not spend it with a smile on my face. So I try my best to find that switch and carry on!

Was it the long winter days ? Was it that Christmas sucks spending it solo ? Was it that I was the energizer bunny for months on end and my battery was finally on its last breath? I had to stop and figure my shit out !!

For the people that know me or have gotten to know me realize that I’m pretty independent. I spend a lot of time alone and often get the call post summit pic.. “you should have texted me , I would have come hiking with you !“

Oops .. eek … sorry !!!

I’m seriously so terrible! I just have a thought and a last minute burst of energy and there I am off to hike some nearby mountain not thinking I should make some calls.

I find it relaxing, therapeutic and refreshing to head out solo! Out there I get to decide what I want when I want and no one to tell me I can’t. Do I run it ? do I walk it? do I do all the above, reach the top and do it all over again because once just wasn’t enough ? Those moments are just for me, I don’t have to wait for anyone , I can go as hard as I want and as far as I want! My thoughts are running wild and it’s out there that I can let it all out and find some of the answers I was looking for. Once I reach the top I completely forget what was bothering me in the first place, find my smile and carry on with my day !! Whether it’s hiking or headed out on the trail with my horse , this is where I find peace and the power to turn off the poor me switch.

( giants head mountain-Summerland bc)

So please don’t take it personally.. I love you all dearly but a girl like me needs a little time alone, it may seem weird to some but to me its completely normal. Don’t get me wrong I want someone to walk through life with .. to take in all the moments I’ve seen and the places I’ve been. That would seriously mean the world to me . But I don’t have anyone so I’m not just going to sit back and not live my life!! I believe being able to be independent and have the courage to do things solo shows a sign of strength. Hopefully someone, one day will embrace that about me .. accompany me and understand the little world I’ve had to create for myself. When you don’t have any other choice you make due and make shit happen! Solo or not ..I refuse to put my goals and dreams on hold.

Is that intimidating? Hard for someone to understand and accept? Well maybe, but I can’t change who I am and I shouldn’t have to !

Leading up to Christmas all I wanted was to escape. I love my family and friends more than anything, but seriously if I could have hiked out and spent a week in the middle of nowhere … my heart and soul would have felt so complete.

My chest felt heavy and my head was so clogged of thoughts I could hardly even think! I was so confused and so disappointed in myself for feeling the way I was. Here I was putting myself out there and getting this amazing response from friends and complete strangers. People writing me about how much I helped them and inspired them through difficult times, showing them the courage to get out and see the world!! It was absolutely touching and it was one of the most amazing feelings!!

I felt this overwhelming fear that I couldn’t show people where I was mentally in that moment. I had come so far and broken down so many walls. But I had to remind myself that it I was ok to show it! It wasn’t anything huge .. I was just a little down and honestly feeling quite sorry for myself really. I needed more than anything to get myself out of the funk I was trapped in. I needed to do something special for myself, being single I take the time to do that more often. In my past I put a lot of things on hold and I refuse to do that again.

What to do about it …

Why not start by planning my next tattoo? If you have never had a tattoo then you won’t get when I say .. a little pain can make the pain go away. There is something so addictive and healing about getting ink work done. So I headed in for a consultation with a talented friend of mine. Since the other pieces he had completed for me in the summer I was getting the itch to finally get my back started! My mind was set .. it was time to make it happen. We went over some plans and I was stoked to leave it in his gifted hands and knew he would come up with something amazing and perfect for me. He asked what other pieces I was wanting knowing damn well this one wasn’t the end for me ! I mentioned getting “Stay Wild” on my arm. A tattoo I felt I finally earned after the progress I made and goals I had completed up to this point.

“When do ya want that ?”

“Um how about now ?”

“Um yup .. yay fun .. tattoo day !!”

Me .. sporting a big ass smile of course, I was freaking pumped!

It was unexpected, unplanned and exactly what my soul needed at that time! I live for spontaneity so this made it 10x more special to me. For that short amount of time my mind and body can finally escape. I lay there thinking of nothing but each stroke the tattooist is making, it’s honestly an out of body experience I can’t quite explain. After I leave I feel like I just reached a summit… adrenaline running through my veins and my body feels alive again.

(@cobra_kai) instagram.

Before I knew it, Christmas had arrived. My family made me feel so loved and so not alone. I seriously don’t know what I would do with out them! A year ago I was hiding something terrible from them all, sat there with a smile on my face like always and was forced to act like nothing was wrong. So this year I was free of that heaviness over me and I could wake up with nothing but positive energy around me and finally enjoy my most favourite holiday. That morning with them all was absolutely perfect and I felt bad thinking only a week before I had wanted to escape and run away to the middle of nowhere. It had nothing to do with them at all, it was only a feeling and an intense need I had deep inside. So they understood when I said I needed to escape and get out on a little solo adventure, even if it was only for a day.

( pincushion mountain-peachland bc)

I threw on my pack and headed up the hill. Sun was out and I was absolutely pumped to get to the top! It was such a gorgeous day .. middle of December and I’m hiking in a freakin T-shirt, could it get any better ?? Tucks and I cruised straight up… running where I could, my heart was feeling lighter and my thoughts clearer the harder I pushed myself! We had the trail to ourselves and the stillness was just what my heart needed! Like any hike I’m on, it’s the rush and the intense feeling of accomplishment that’s just so unexplainable. Am I a bit obsessed? … yes .. do you call it an addiction? ..yup probably! But if I’m going to be an addict this is definitely the way to do it !! With anything I do its always .. ” go big or go home” I can’t half ass anything. If it becomes a passion of mine I will only give it my all.

Tucks and I killed the trail. It’s only a short run up to the top but I was happy to just be out doing what I love ! Moments later I made it to the viewpoint and my heart exploded! I took the deepest breathe and just like that my soul let go of the heaviness I was carrying around for weeks. As I stood there I was reminded how amazing my life was and how lucky I was to have the strength to venture out and make shit happen for myself! That moment, that view was all mine, I will always remember that day, that exact moment.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we planned so I have changed my way of thinking this past year. I stopped planning my life and instead set out to complete dreams and crush goals. I stopped putting so much pressure on myself and simply take it day by day. Go with the flow and embrace everything that’s put in front of me. The ups and downs have made me stronger and I am truly loving the person I have morphed into. Fears have turned into challenges that I openly accept and I am so ready to face them all !

We are not born to be alone. But sometimes not all of us have the chance to find that path yet and for others that have please let little souls like mine be.. let us take our journey and be ok with that! My path is different and I’m happy with the way it’s taking me. If there is something I want damn straight I’ll go for it but for now I want everything to take its course and live naturally and as organically as I can!

The unknown is beautifully exciting…..so for now solo it is and I look forward to to embracing the journey ahead of me.



Where Do I Go From Here

Well summer was coming to an end and seems it was back to reality. I had a slight panic attack thinking of the shorter nights and colder days coming up ahead and tried to figure out how the hell I was going to keep busy enough. Seemed I was all over the place living like a gypsy all summer long. Whether it was in a tent or a on a friends couch .. I was never home and rarely sitting still ! I had to keep my mind busy and truthfully I just couldn’t stop .. I felt amazing, stronger than ever and I was finally having fun for the first time in many years! How was I going to keep myself sane throughout the long dark winter days !

Give my head a shake.. who was I kidding.. I still ran up my little hill till dark and every chance I had I was fitting in some kind of adventure on the weekends.

There are so many amazing hikes at the tip of your fingers around here ..so over the winter I plan to make my list as big as I can for next year and crush them all. But for now I can still hit up the local hills and continue exploring before the snow falls. Any hike done on foot I plan to snowshoe … so this year will be epic !!!!

But for now it’s still time to hike !!! Just one little text and the next day James and I are off to Yak Peak on a last minute climb before his summer retirement came to an end !! It was straight up .. pretty much we climbed stairs for 2.5 hours !! It was probably the hardest hike yet in the shortest amount of time… but I freakin loved it !!!! It was September by this point and all the summits had a thick blanket of fog covering each one that unfortunately didn’t give us our epic views. But any hike to me is still worth it! That chunk of rock is absolutely beautiful no matter what conditions surround it !!

We hung out on the summit waiting for our 360 famous view…. had a hour nap and chilled solving the worlds problems but unfortunately the fog just wouldn’t pass. There is always next year and plus straight across from Yak is Needle Peak.. a good scramble I can’t wait to get my hands on next year!!! So back down we went to do a little day cruise.. lunch in Hope and checked out Manning Park on our way through. We stood by the PCT trail head in Manning Park and couldn’t help but dream. There we are scheming up how long it would take, when to leave and skip work for a few months !!! How epic would that be !!! Maybe one day we could make it happen!!

A month later Sarah and I decided to crush the Divide Lake Trail. It took us just over 2 hours to hike up, that was a huge ass goal !!! In the past this trail was the devil to me ! But after a summer of hikes and working out it felt like nothing ! Since we made amazing time .. we sat at the summit to enjoy our bevy’s and snacks of course, always a must have on every hike ! The views up there are absolutely stunning. We live in the most beautiful area and have so many amazing trails around us !! This hike is a relentless 10km hike up but we were surprised and super pumped that we actually didn’t notice the hardest sections. After tons of summer hikes and adventures our asses were in amazing shape , mind and body ! We couldn’t stop but feel pretty dang proud !!

I had a moment at home earlier with this excessive need to travel .. passport, pack, boots and just freakin go. Switzerland was on my mind .. So I called up Sarah and she was totally on board!! Wanderlust was at its peak for us both!!! A lot saving and planning ahead of us but we sure hope to make it happen next year. See what 2019 brings for us crazy chicks !! But for now we summit the hills around us and continue to clear our minds in between the craziness! As we descended back down the mountain both of us needed that hike more than ever .. needed to find clarity and refresh our souls ! No better way really !!

So here I am a huge goal in the books for next September. I’ve never travelled so for me this will be huge. I missed out in my 20s not thinking it was something I wanted, but now I want it more than ever. Grab a pack and just go. The unknown intrigues me now and the sense of adventure is what keeps me driven. I feel like a whole new person and it’s helped me gain confidence to complete the things I’ve always dreamt of. So time to complete more dreams and more goals and continue to create many new ones along the way.

This is the perfect time to knock off my final goal for 2018…. time to learn how to climb!!!!



Chapter 6: The Jump

I woke up early in the morning wanting the jump more than anything ! This wasn’t just about trying to cure my fear of heights, it was also dealing with a second chance at life for me. This jump was to prove to myself I was capable of absolutely everything and anything!! I wanted to feel unstoppable, fearless, brave and simply soak up as much adrenaline as I possibly could. Be the wild me I’ve been developing into all summer long.

For years someone doubted me, failed me before I could try and crushed every part of me I had left. So just for a few minutes I wanted to feel weightless, I wanted to have my breathe taken away and I wanted to escape reality, this was the best way and most exhilarating way I knew how !!

So there we were writing out our squiggly signatures and signing our life away .. amazing!! Then back to the middle of the bridge to get all set up! My heart was racing and my hands were filled with the feeling of about 10 expresso shots taken all at once. On the way there we blasted my summer theme song by Imagine Dragons “ Whatever It Takes” to pump us up. So as I stood there as they prepped me for the plunge I took deep breathes and sang the song as loud as I could in my head ! Telling myself this is your time .. this is your moment and from now on you will be unstoppable! My breathing calmed and my hands somehow settled .

There I stood all harnessed up with a huge smile on my face ! I was more than ready , calmer than I’ve ever been and excitement took over fear! I watched James dive off like he was a friggin bungee Olympian if there was such a thing! Big smile and not a ounce of fear.. so friggin rad! And then Sarah was next .. she had already been skydiving so this chick had this in the freakin bag.. I was so proud of her and was so lucky to have such and amazing friend along side for yet another one of our firsts in life !!! Jeff would go after me … he is seriously so awesome! Super open to anything and just always having such a great time, I was so happy to have him there with me through it all!

Now it’s game on…. my name was called. Holy freakin shit…. I was so ready for this !! The guys were great … got me pumped and made me laugh which is my favourite thing in the world. It helped me stay calm, breathe and just simply have fun !!! In my goofy way I made sure to ask the hottie to double check my harness was good tight … just to confirm that process was done a billion times over hahha !!

Through the gate I went and walked out towards the edge! Everything happens so fast and it all feels so surreal! One glance over to smile at the camera, arms out to your side a short countdown and as soon as you know it there you are diving 160ft towards the Cheakamus River !

Words can’t fully express what went through my mind during those short few seconds I stepped off that bridge. But what I can tell you is it was the most amazing feeling and the biggest life changing experience I’ve ever had. You step off and all of a sudden your heart stops, you lose your breathe for a second and you think “ ok, this is it “ …. and the then you open your eyes and your sailing back up into the world again. Weightless and free!

Not going to lie … I stepped one foot off the bridge and for a split second thought “ what the fuck am I doing !! “ Pretty sure my screams “omg” where heard down the whole freakin river valley. I saw the trees fly by and the water below came at me like a flash of lightening. I grabbed onto the rope like this would be my last breathe… but it wasn’t.

After I opened my eyes and saw this beautiful world ..it felt like I was seeing it for the first time. I took what felt like my first new breath at life! I opened my arms out beside me and the crisp clean mountain air fill up every inch of my lungs. I felt like I had just spit out the devil that was haunting me for years and I was finally able to feel my own body again.

Something that controlled me for years and stopped me from doing amazing things in my life has now become my new addiction. I felt my soul reignite once again.

I was on such a high, nothing could wipe the smile off my face !!!! My heart and mind were already craving more !!! I felt even bigger and braver than I did standing on top of the glacier just a month before! No one could take those moments away from me .. this was my life, my achievement and from here on there was no more going back ! My life was finally mine. I am ready to explore, seek new adventure, embrace the unknown ahead of me.

I am fearless, brave , unstoppable and best of all ….wild !!!



Chapter 5: Here We Go Again!

A week off and I am so ready to hit the road and escape to the hills again. So call up my crew … no convincing needed of course….this time Whistler was calling!!!!!

I’m flippin stoked !!! I have the hike planned, the camping site waiting and a little somethin somethin I want to complete the trip with !!! So here we are again the wicked 4 crammed in the taco with loads of gear and beer !! We were all so ready for another rip up another peak and a dip in some clear blue frigid waters!!

A year ago I hiked up to Garibaldi Lake in late June and everything was covered in a blanket of snow and ice. Absolutely beautiful but I was unable to complete a few trails as I wasn’t prepared for that much snow. So this year I am pumped to head back in the summer to finally see that teal blue water and stunning panoramic views.

We rolled into Cal-Cheak camp site mid afternoon picked a primo spot along the river and got the tent all set up ! Like seriously the most dynamite spot to wake up to every morning….you could practically reach out and touch the water !! After we were all set up we headed back to the village to take in some of Krankworks, enjoy a beer and just sit back and relax.

Sitting around the campsite earlier that day I mentioned that somethin somethin I wanted to do this trip!

My second goal … Bungee jump !!!

So conveniently Whistler Bungee was along the same road as our campsite… no sooner there is James on the phone booking us all in !!! Holy shit it was going to happen … but I was determined to complete my goal and now that it was booked there was no going back ! I told James I really wanted to try earlier that summer and he’s just the do it , get it done supportive friend I needed right there with me to finally make it happen! We all shrieked with excitement accompanied by a few minor heart attacks but it quickly passed… I made my mind up and I was pretty excited for this day to finally come !!

But first we hike !!!!

We chilled by the propane fire pit we drug along with us ( it was extreme fire season this summer) that thing was a serious hit amongst the camp cul de sac. We ended up adopting one family and the cutest little boy named Dan. Those kids freakin stole our hearts the whole weekend. Dance parties around the fire, literally roasting whatever they could find and so many laughs … it’s just what my soul needed! They would become our camp family over the next few days and our biggest bungee cheer squad !!!

The next day we woke up early to get a decent start to our day!! It was unfortunately super smoky.. it rolled in the day before we got there. I was hoping to escape it as it was so dense and depressing back home, but no luck. The whole province was on fire, absolutely so scary and sad. We crossed our fingers hoping it would lift to see some epic views but it just got heavier as the day went on. But shit happens, life goes on and the hike was still worth every step!!

Last year I was in terrible shape, physically and mentally. The steep trail and endless switchbacks seemed relentless. But this year all my hard work paid off and we killed the first few km’s. Every hike I redid this summer I seriously kicked ass!!! It was such an achievement and mentally I was so proud of myself. Makes me push even harder and crave the mountains more than ever!

This year I wanted to complete the Panorama Ridge trail. It was absolutely stunning. Even tho the smoke slithered through the trees and blocked the peaks in the distance.. the views still took my breath away. Everything was so green and flowers scattered over every hillside along the way. We eventually came out of the trees and the valley opened right up giving us a beauty view of the narly peak of Black Tusk. Next summer I’ll pack in and set up camp and plan day trips around the area to catch in more epic views !!

We continued to wander upwards through the meadows eventually the grass got sparse and the rocks got thicker. It was finally time to head up the ridge. Picking our way through the rock many breaks were needed. The smoke took your breath away and it was hard at some points to find the energy to keep going. Everyone coming down was disappointed with the robbed views but that didn’t stop us. The end was near and our determination was too great!!

We finally made it to the top and sadly Garibaldi Glacier was barely noticeable through the thick smoke. You could just see a hint of the blue lake below as we sat on the rock edge of the ridge. A part of me was so let down but then I quickly changed my thoughts and reminded myself that it was about the accomplishment and memories not just the view!

We hung out had lunch and stretched out for a while enjoying a summit bevy… my number one tradition of course. I think we were hoping the smoke would miraculously move on but sadly it stuck around. We still wanted to hit the lake and go for a dip so we packed up and headed back down the trail. I was excited to get to the lake and see how different it looked minus all the ice and snow. Coming down the trail through the trees you could see glimpses of the beautiful teal blue water !! I couldn’t wait to rip my clothes off and get my ass in that freezing water !!!

The lake was absolutely breathtaking. We walked along the edge for a bit till we came to the perfect spot to head in. We all started taking our boots and clothes off and the looks we got from other hikers was hilarious. They looked at us like we were crazy… which ya I’m guilty but come on people how can you not jump in!!

Sitting in the water with a yummy drink in hand we must have made it look pretty damn good! Eventually one person after another ripped off their clothes and you could hear shrieking down the rocky shoreline hahah ! I was loving it ! Finally smiles were back on people’s faces and disappointment caused by the smoke faded! Have fun .. relax and enjoy what’s around you no matter what !!!

This trip we would have completed around 35km in one day. So time to head back make our way down and go celebrate back at the village and feast ! It was truly a long ass day .. our feet were done and our bodies needed some serious rest. Although we still had energy for a second night of dancing around the fire and chilling with our adorable camp family.

Life is to short to not let loose , laugh lots and let people in. Lately I’ve taken chances, opened the door to conversation and met some pretty amazing souls through it all!

Tomorrow would be the day I face my fear and finally walk the plank !! Not going to lie my heart was racing but my mind was made up.. adrenaline was taking over and I was more ready than ever !!!

Whistler Bungee … see you bright and early !!!



Jump off a Bridge ? Yup that will cure me !

When I was little I fell from a loft in an old barn. I remember it like it was yesterday. Running and then the feeling of absolutely nothing beneath me. I was weightless. Then within seconds slammed to the ground. I was lucky thankfully.. only a bit bruised but that feeling of free falling .. that stuck, I became scared of heights.

This would eventually lead me to a certain recurring dream. It was so real and actually really scary and twisted for a young kid. It continued over and over night after night well into my 30s. I would always analyze it over the years but it never made sense till recently.

It was the most vivid dream. I would climbed straight up the face of this mountain in the town where I grew up. I would get to the top stand at the edge and then just simply walk off. I was free falling .. the ground was coming fast and then it would just go dark and I would suddenly wake up. It scared the shit out of me. I always saw it as maybe a way I would die one day or was it some sort of sign ? My final destination? I had no idea why it would come back over and over throughout my whole life . Remembering the fall in the barn and this nightmare over and over in my head .. my fear of heights began to control me and the things I dreamt of doing lead me down a path of not even trying. I would be so scared to try new things, afraid to fail but most of all afraid that the dream would come true.

That exact mountain in my dream is the one I started to hike night after night earlier this year. I stood at that very edge and wondered why that dream always stuck with me . What does it mean now and especially at this time in my life.

But then it all started making sense to me. Was I dreaming of my future back then ? Would I conquer this fear of heights and the need to live a good life .. my life for once ?? The dream was scary but maybe I was supposed to see past that and find a deeper more positive meaning to it. I would always have crazy dreams and they would come true … dream of a place or a person or a number. All of this has somehow made 10x more sense to me this past year. I started to accept what I saw and dig deep into its meaning. The numbers 7/11 have been with me all my life. Always wondered was it a day or a year something big would happen? It actually became the exact day I left my worst relationship. A short time later I found a playing card on a rocky point I hiked to too … flipped it over and there it was my lucky “7”. Coincidence or a sign for good things to come my way ? Well everything since then has been pretty damn good so far !! I realized I needed to push myself harder than ever before !

I had to do something to curb this fear of heights of mine. I had been through a lot of shit and that didn’t help with my confidence but enough was enough… this had to stop … I had to stop being afraid and finally live !

I wanted more than anything to be fearless again! I wanted my drive back and my determination more than ever ! I wanted the side of me where I could look at a any situation analyze and process the shit out of it and then friggin crush it like I use too! So I made a list of goals for myself.

1 bungee jump

2 hike to a glacier

3 rock climb

Um what??? My mind was set .. I had no other choice but to just freakin do it ! So to my surprise the glacier trip completed one goal and then some !! After that trip I was on a total high and right then I knew I could do anything!!! My fear wasn’t conquered but I knew what I had to do and there was no turning back!

What if I start by jumping off a bridge ??? Omg … Yep … that’s so it ..I’m doing it !!

So there I was dangling my feet of that very edge of the mountain in my dream and I knew exactly what I had to do. So I planned another whirl wind trip that would again change my life forever!!!

I would be scared shitless but soon my fear would be taken over by excitement and I would experienced an adrenaline rush I had never ever felt before in my life !! It would help make me who I am today and give me this strength and passion to accomplish my dreams.

So here we go….Whistler Bungee… I’m coming for ya!!



Chapter 4: The Day I Found My Soul

There is something in me that comes out when I’m hiking. Your heart beats like crazy and your lungs and legs at times feel like they have ran a marathon for days .. but it’s the best feeling in the world. A short time up the trail all that becomes easier and easier, all that you can think of is getting to the top !!! I begin to feel extremely calm, confident and fearless with every step! This trip made me absolutely crazy addicted to hiking more than I had ever been over the years! I was finally free.. this is what I was dreaming of for so long! Zero competition and zero stress around me .. this was my newly found safe place and I was so freakin ready for this !

Early that morning we hit the road and practically ran up the trail to get to our destination! Packed as light as we could with just the essentials knowing it was a pretty good trek up. From the bottom we had no idea where and what way the steep trail would take us ! But we were so pumped and ready for an adventure.. none of that even mattered!

The trail was narrow and steep .. winding back and forth up along the side of the mountain. Taking it easy one step at a time I was feeling fantastic and all my training leading up to this point was so worth it ! I hiked local trails after work 4 sometimes 5 times a week. It was my escape and I was determined to get my ass in shape to tackle every and any peak that I was presented with!

Looking back down at where we had turned off the main trail … Gibson Lake started to look like a tiny little spec in the distance. We had gained quite a bit of elevation in a short amount of time .. the views were absolutely spectacular. It was the most perfect day!

The trees were getting sparse and the heavily rooted trail was turning quickly into a thick rocky path. Soon the trail came to an end and our adventure to the top just got even more exciting!!!! Cairn spotting was the name of the game from this point on. Making our way up through the boulders and loose rock the grass turned into dirt and dirt turned into snow! I had never been up a trail like this before. This was my goal and my friends were there to help the whole way up ! Same passions and same goals in mind .. screw the past when someone told me I couldn’t … I was in the now and didn’t look back the whole way up !

Making our way climbing up through huge boulders one careful step at a time I was having the time of my life !! I felt so strong and no one could wipe the smile off my face! We finally got to a point where a final cairn sat .. looking up where our summit would be waiting .. not going to lie my heart skipped a beat ! Time to get scrambling ! It was very steep and every step or word we spoke echoed off the cliffs and each rock that fell behind us sent a sound down that made my mind fear a little. But with a deep breathe, a little self talk and some amazing encouragement from my friends.. destination up continued. Holding on scaling the side of the mountain I was on cloud 9 !!!! I was doing it and friggin crushing every single step !!! All my fears and doubts were lost and I felt my heart beating faster and faster to the thought of what could possibly be at the top !!

As we crested up over the last rocky step .. my heart did stop ! Pretty sure our words …”Holy Fucking Shit” were heard miles and miles away !

There stood the post “The Keyhole”

We friggin made it ! Snow and ice covered everything around us and the views were absolutely stunning! There were two young guys chilling out in the sun .. waiting for their dad that was up on a ridge behind us. He yelled from the top ..” you think that’s a view ? Wait till you come up here” So we raced up this steep snowy bank to where his footprints lead us and my heart literally stopped this time!!

There I was standing on the top of a glacier !!!!

I spun around and tried to catch my breath as I looked out at miles and miles of endless mountain peaks ! Huge crevasses winding down the glaciers path, something I had only dreamt of seeing till now !!! I could hardly catch my breath .. I was speechless and extremely teary eyed !

My heart felt full and my soul was free !!! The accomplishment and power I felt inside me was something I had never felt in my life!!! As I stood there on top of the world .. it was like I met myself for the very first time ! My past disappeared and the hurt was gone … I was finally breathing without worry and feeling without pain !

We were all ecstatic!!! Every single one of us discovered something about ourselves on that glacier that day ! And I couldn’t have been more excited and honoured to have all of them there with me !

James an amazing friend from years ago that I was recently reunited with and his passion for life helped more than he will ever know !!! Jeff a dear friend that had seen my at my absolute best and sadly at my worst but always has my back as I will always have his !! And Sarah a friend I met through Jeff just weeks prior. Her and I literally became instant friends the day we met .. and so excited to be planning a trip of a lifetime with this chick !!

We all stood there arm in arm congratulating each other and the tears started flowing down my face ! I needed this more than anything and I was so thankful to have them all there along on this journey of mine !!! I will be forever great full the day my life began and self discovery was made !

That is where I found my Soul .. on top of a glacier !

“This is me”



This Is Me !

Do you ever feel like you have spent your whole life trying to figure out who you are?

What is your true calling? What’s your ultimate purpose and will you ever just love the skin your in and truly know the person that owns it ?

I have felt like this my whole life. I use to have so much grit and determination it drove my parents crazy. Tell me I couldn’t ride my bike down a flight of stairs at 6 years old …. I could and I did ! Jumped on my cold backed horse bareback dressed in 3 ski suits just to break the fall if he bucked me off … prove I could do it …I did it !!!

Somewhere in between I lost that strong stubborn girl. I became self conscious, afraid to let people down, scared to even eat and afraid to try anything really! I developed all these fears of things I use to dream of doing!

I had certain people in my life fail me before I even got the chance to try. They made me feel like I was never ever good enough and always wanted me to be perfect. The more and more I tried to please them the smaller they made me feel. And I took it!

So when someone says why are you still friends with that person , or why did you stay with him for that long , or why didn’t you just do something about it . Well to be honest I don’t know why. If I knew I wouldn’t be writing about this in the first place.

I put a lot of time and effort into people and thought, they will change, they will eventually see what’s right in front of them. But like my mom always said .. “a leopard doesn’t change its spots” And she was right ! You can’t wait around for someone else’s change they aren’t willing to make .. so you have the be that change ! Making the choice to be tough , say goodbye and move on!!

There are relationships I had to let go of or just take a step back. And that is ok … we have to remember that ! Number one rule… in order to be a good hearted , strong loving person… you have to love yourself first !! I will always be that giving girl its who I am .. but I will be cautious on who I give my heart to fully from now on. I’ve let a few people in this past summer, friends and relationships and they taught me so much. I am forever greatful for what I learnt from them all and the confidence they helped bring back out in me!!!

I got shit on one last time earlier this year and it changed me for good ! I started to live my life for me and not give a crap what others thought ! They don’t know me .. they didn’t live my life .. they didn’t feel my feelings or experience my pain ! So do what is best for you .. follow your own path and your own heart for once .. the people that are lucky enough to be a part of your life and truly want to be a part of your life will be there.

Sometimes it takes a few bad cracks at it to finally wake up one day and say … today is a new day .. you got this ! To literally leave the past behind all in the blink of an eye and never ever look back ! It’s an amazing feeling!

Be who you are and live the life you always dreamed of. Don’t wish for it , make it happen. Find what brings you true happiness and give it your best shot.

We aren’t perfect .. and we never will be!

If you find something in your life that makes you feel like the luckiest person on this planet .. just go for it , what do you have to lose!!!

People come and go, but you will always have yourself, so treat yourself right ! Take care of you and protect yourself . Love you and respect you because sometimes no one else will and you have to keep your strength up to keep moving forward!

So this summer I put on my boots, strapped on a pack and that was it , my heart was full again as I stood at the summit taking in the 360 degrees of endless opportunities ahead of me! I was back where I felt most comfortable and felt at peace with myself!! This is my true calling.. I loved the skin I was in … and best of all I finally knew who I was ! This is me !!!


Chapter 3: Holy Crap We Are So Doing This !!!!


Along the trail earlier that day we met up with a guy coming down from an unmarked trail .. of course intrigued we asked were the hell he came from. He explained that he was coming down from the glacier summit… our jaws dropped as he pointed up to the rocky peak above us ! Um ….. we WANT and NEED to go there !! Unfortunately, we had a later start to the day and just didn’t have enough time to complete them both. So stuck to the original plan and headed on our way up the trail to Kaslo Lake.

Later that day after an amazing hike and chilly, yet so worth it swim, we finally made it back down to the truck. We were all on this absolute high from the day but our bellies were so ready for a feast ! As we took off down the road, music blaring and filling our faces with all the sinful snacks we brought along … this amazing thought came to mind!!!!

What if …. we get up super early instead of heading for home and frickin hike to that glacier ??? We all looked looked at each other with eyes of intense excitement and pretty sure the words “um fuck ya” was the consensus!!! So there it was ..random hike #2 was so happening.. I was stoked !!

But first we needed to feast !! Headed into Nelson and ordered probably every dish on the menu at the KC Restaurant ! Our waiter seriously hooked us up with the most amazing food !! We could hardly move by the end of the night ! He was the most wicked guy .. even tried helping us out by messaging a buddy to see if we could camp out at his place. When we asked where the best place to set up a tent for the night was … he exclaims “my buddies front yard” along with this big smile and contagious laugh !! This guy was the freakin best !!! He had us all in stitches!! But too bad that didn’t work out .. so he gave us directions to this wicked beach spot for the night !!!

So full, tired and half ass setting up our tent in the dark, we had no clue where the hell we were and that didn’t upset me one bit ! This feeling of having nothing planned out and just going with the flow was completely calming my soul !!!! I had the best sleep ever that night!

I’m a super early riser .. so the next morning I couldn’t wait to get up and see where the heck we crashed for the night. Snuck out of the tent and looked out at this amazing quiet little beach. I walked out to the water, dipped my toes in …I took a big deep breath and was feeling right at home. Completely at peace with everything around me. Nelson you just became my new favourite place !!

But sun was up and it was time to get off that beach before the rest of the world wakes up. Tent down, packs ready and we were off to hike up to a freakin glacier !

My heart was racing and I could barely sit still as I drove back up to the trail head again ! This was it .. a dream of mine finally coming true !!! I had no idea what my soul was in for later that day !!!



Learning to Take Control….

8DA0F6D6-B149-4C9B-8976-BFD649135948A Little Side Note …

It seems the more people I meet the more I realize everyone has a story . We all have control over our lives and only we ourselves can make the choices and changes in it .  But sometimes it’s hard to see past the life your living and not all of us know who we are or have the guts to take control of it. Instead we give our everything and anything to others and lose sight of what’s best for us. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, that’s a big part of who I am … but I think in doing so we completely lose who we are inside and what’s truly important to us or better yet best for us. We don’t always see that what’s right in front of us isn’t healthy and just plain toxic. 

I’m a huge giver and really put my heart into every single relationship. Friendships , lovers and family. I will always continue to do so but what Ive learned lately is making sure I’m respected and getting a little back in return. I don’t need the moon and the stars but I just want to be surrounded by people who support me, respect me and genuinely want to be around me!  

When I listen to others I’m starting to feel this calmness and this support group all around me. In the hiking community I’m seeing very very similar stories. Someone has gone through some tough times and hiking has seriously help them heal. Becoming more independent, strong and trusting again.  

This is exactly how I feel!!  I’ve been hiking for years … but something changed this summer when I was able to take control .. randomly plan a trip, have amazing support and positive energy around me, hike to the freakin top and feel this amazing sense of power and accomplishment!!! Looking out from a summit, feeling like your on top of the world … seeing the peaks go on for miles and miles .. I was speechless!! It was the most amazing moment in my life because it was all mine and no one could take that away from me !! 

I felt this overwhelming sense of calmness and this huge weight lifted off my shoulders that I was carrying around for years and years. I let go of my past and for the first time I was excited for my future and the unknown especially. I can call the shots and I didn’t have to be afraid anymore.  I was finally feeling this sense of who I am… my life is just beginning and I’m so ready for the journey ahead !!!! 



Chapter 2: Swim in an glacier fed lake … um yes please !!

I’ve always been a planner .. gotta have the whole trip planned out, how long to get there , where am I staying and how much will it cost me !! Well I don’t know where that chick went this summer because I have been taking it day by day, minute by minute and loving every second of it ! And this trip was packed with so many unknowns it was just simply perfect !!!

As I said before I really needed to get out of town .. I had some personal things going on, my head and my heart hurt … I felt myself inching backwards from all the progress I had just recently made. So I had this crazy urge to hike this trail I did a year before but wasn’t able to finish due to a late start in the day. And because I’m on this ” I can do it ” …” I am women power trip “… It seemed I had something to prove to myself ! So what better way then re doing all the hikes I did in the past and make them new memories all my own !!

So picked up the crew I threw together last minute, filled up my truck with packs and snacks and headed for Nelson to complete the Gibson Trail . Within the first few minutes down the road it was like we had all known each other for years. So many gut laughs and the most random topics a bunch of strangers could come up in such an short amount of time lol. It was hilarious!!!

We arrived in Nelson, grabbed some bevys ( very necessary) for our final destination and hit the trail !!! I was so stoked to try out my new Osprey pack I just bought myself.. totally over kill being a 65L but I was so excited to test it out !!! We headed up the trail and with every step I couldn’t stop smiling.. I was heading up this trail I took only a year before and back then I was so friggin out of shape and stuck in a very shitty time in my life. But now I’m heading up with this new outlook on life and surrounded by the most supportive , fun energetic crew , I felt amazing and was seriously crushing the hike !! I couldn’t believe it !!!

First lake reached was Kokanee Lake, such a little gem. We took a break and way too many pics … a problem we still laugh about to this day .. we exchanged hundreds of them back and forth it was pretty insane really ! So enough of the selfies and off we went to hit Kaslo Lake . I was stoked to finally see it !!! The trail is absolutely stunning ..high peaks and meadows that look like something out of a Canadian version of the Sound of Music. I may have danced like an idiot and sung a few verses along the way .. I am not ashamed!!

Then we finally hit Kaslo .. walked along the path that takes you past the chalet… or should I say ” Palace ” and headed for the lake ! We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough! Glacier fed lake .. um yes please !! Ps .. soooo cold but soooo worth it !!!! Definitely a dream of mine come true!!!

Our destination was complete!! We were so stoked … it was an absolute blast and we all hit it off so well it couldn’t have gone any better !! A bunch of nutbars coming together and making some pretty epic memories… life was grand!! We all packed up and it was time to head back into town ….. feast, celebrate and find somewhere to crash for the night !!



Chapter 1: The Start of Something

Well …. I had many days and nights sitting in my condo looking around and thinking … “now what the hell am I going to do with my life ? ” After a 7 year shitty ass breakup I had only me to take care of now ….. I thought this could be the start of some real soul searching that was long long overdue!!

So to be all honest and real ….I seriously spent a whole day laying in bed feeling totally sorry for myself and literally made it my island for the whole day. I thought of all the shit that just happened and how messed up it all was, but most of all I wanted nothing more but to put it all behind me and just move on .

Where do I see myself i the next month let alone year ? I had no clue at all , but that seemed to be seriously so exciting to me and I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For once I had nothing and no one but myself to think of ….. ” holy shit this could be amazing hahha !!! ”

So then next day I got up , put myself together, looked in the mirror and said to myself.. ” today is a new day ” and I honestly didn’t look back ! And then I went and drank wine with a friend all day haha … therapy in a fancy glass !!!

I was determined to feel better, eat better and get my head on straight ! So I started working out and hiking up a local trail that I know like the back of my hand ! I started taking it 3-4 times a week and eventually running parts of it ! I was getting stronger and stronger and my head and my heart kinda stopped hurting all of sudden! It was the best therapy a girl could ask for !

I was on top of the world.. had this confidence boost, this outlook on life I hadn’t ever really felt to be honest… it was the most amazing feeling ! I was able to go out meet new people, connect with old friends and even tried my hand at dating again ! Wow whaaattt ?? Haha !

I just really wanted to put myself out there again and not being afraid to show who I was and who I was becoming for that matter!! I had a lot of amazing people around me at that point that helped me in so many ways, lifting me up , teaching me new things and simply accepting me for me !!!

This was all fun and fine but I was still feeling a huge need to get out of town and go see something amazing!! So gathered up a group of new and old friends and headed out on this crazy last minute trip to Nelson BC and that’s where I hiked to the most epic peak I had ever seen ! The moment I reached the top and popped over this steep rocky ridge my heart literally stopped and I was completely speechless………..



Why am I doing this ??

Well where do I start … why am I doing a blog in the first place ? What’s my goal here ? And are people really going to find it that exciting?? To be honest I have no frickin clue and I’m ok with that !! But here it goes …..

I have a story , everyone does . But really in the end no one really wants to hear it anyways lol ! It’s a juicy one and pretty entertaining but at this point in my life it really has become the past and karma has taken care of the rest anyway!! Haha

So to sum it all up … I had a shitty go at life this past year and years leading up too ! I poured myself into taking care of others so much that I really lost what was best for me or knowing what I really wanted out of this life ! So after taking some time to process what I went through and a shit ton of self talk and help from family and friends …… I finally took time for myself for once .. I found a new passion and a part of me I’ve been searching for my whole life !!!

The feeling I get reaching a summit no matter how far or how high .. is something I can’t really explain except , ALIVE !!!

So from here on I’ll share my past adventures and the new ones I can’t wait to explore! So if I sound somewhat exciting and hopefully captivating to you …. please feel free to follow !!